Basic instinct


Basic instinct was a sensational thriller created in 1992 by Canadian film-maker Eric Bana with a storyline that involved the murder of a sheep and the excavation of a secret government research facility that contained dangerous agents. It was one of the few movies that was considered “ground breaking” at the time and established Bana as a future master of the filmmaking industry. Based on a successful Canadian series of novels, Basic instinct was one of the few films that featured Russell Brand as the lead character and ended up earning Bana an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

The movie involves the constant back and forth between Michael Douglas (Russell Brand) and his friend, Martin Bakers (and Ferretti), who are CIA agents. The film traces the relationship of these two men from their first days as junior partners in college until the day they were assigned to work together to capture a terrorist suspect. The storyline revolves around the constant back and forth fight between the two men over the location and methods of how to catch the bad guy.

Basic instinct is a thrilling film that showcases the prowess of Russell Brand in his first major role. Although Brand does have some sort of acting experience, he would go on to star in many more great films such as The matrix, Saturday Night Fever, Heat, Casino, and of course, Basic instinct. It would be interesting to see where he goes next since he has proven to be quite adept at playing anti-heroes, so it would be interesting to see what direction he would take next. His only other movie to date that comes to mind is Edward Scissorhands, but even if that isn’t your kind of film, Basic instinct would still be a great movie to feature him in. For those who have yet to see it, you should definitely check it out!