Forbidden dragons

The Forbidden Dragons Slots is a 5-reel, progressive casino game based on the traditional Chinese five-reel dragon race with five reels and a bonus symbol paytable. Play for cash or for pure fun with optional free spins. The symbols are: dragon, water, monkey, five-finger, and wish. When you win, the symbols will change to: lightning bolt, treasure, windmill, and egg. When you lose, the symbols will change to: pile of snakes, egg, windmill, lightning bolt, treasure, and rock. The goal is to get as many symbols into the payoff slot – the first five are the easiest – and then win the game!

The game’s appearance is very similar to that of Video slot machines such as the Wizard of Oz and Video Poker. It uses the same colorful classic Chinese symbols as those used in traditional Chinese dragon plays to pay off the spins and win bonus symbols. The game’s interface is smooth and user-friendly, and the visual effect is quite nice. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have the same excitement level as some of the more recent video slot machines available.

To conclude, Forbidden Dragons may be a nice addition to your video slot machine portfolio, especially if you’re looking for a new casino game with a fresh new look. The massive reel set offers a unique feel and great paylines, making this one of the better options for beginners. Although there isn’t much excitement associated with the symbols alone, it certainly is a unique casino game that should appeal to slot enthusiast as well as expert collectors.