Gold ahoy


The all new Gold ahoy is an extremely fun and addictive online casino game that promises to bring your slots to the next level. Like all other online casino games you will find many different slots available but this one comes with an extra-special feature…it has a free casino bonus! If you’re thinking “What on earth does that mean?”

Gold Ahoy is an updated version of the classic slots game and offers players a real insight into the life of a professional gold trader. It’s now possible to route your way through 1000’s of treasure chests to find the big jackpot and earn yourself free spins on your favourite casino table game. Not only this but if you are having trouble winning, you are sure to be assisted in some way by the game’s friendly staff. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the game or simply help you cash in that extra virtual cash.

Each time you play you will unlock a new icon that represents a different kind of jackpot or symbol. For example, you may well notice that there are a number of symbols representing money, pairs of letters or even the word “bob” somewhere on the screen. All of these items can be used to help you win some quick money. However, don’t let the cute little figures and pictures on the screen to fool you into thinking this is just a regular slot machine – you’re going to need a bit of strategy if you want to make the most of gold ahoy. Although it may not appear to be difficult initially, the true skill of a good slots player lies in their ability to carefully select symbols that give them the advantage they need in order to become the most successful letter ever!