Greedy goblins

Greedy Goblins – A Casino Online Game

In Greedy Goblins, you play over multiple rounds and try to collect the most gems. The game requires a clan sheet, three pawns, a number of mining tiles, and minion cards. Each of these components is important, as it determines how many gems you can collect. As with any other online game, you can win or lose on this one. This slot is suitable for any level player and can provide hours of entertainment.

The game is designed with an animated theme and a magical theme. This game has a total of 12 paylines and four special symbols. The Wild symbol substitutes for all regular symbols and is represented by a hut with the word “Wild” written on it. This symbol can only appear on the second and fourth reels. Besides paying out on regular wins, the Greedy Goblins can trigger free spins.

One of the best features of this slot game is its progressive jackpot. You can win up to 1,200,000 credits in the bonus round. The video slot is also available in 3D. The game is part of the Slot3 platform, which offers highly interactive graphics and sounds. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Mac devices. You can also enjoy this game on the go with an Android, iPhone, or iPad. And remember that it’s compatible with most mobile devices!

There’s a bonus round in this game if you land two Book of Secrets symbols on the reels. This bonus round consists of a race against time, as you try to obtain the secrets of the elves. Luckily, the goblins will aid you along the way. Each secret you uncover will offer bonus credits and multipliers. If you win, you’ll definitely be rich! This slot game is great for mobile devices, so make sure to download the game today and start playing!