Sweet alchemy

The Sweet Alchemy slot game is quite different from traditional slots. Instead of paylines, players are rewarded with wins if four or more identical icons land on adjacent reels. Sweet Alchemy also uses cascading reels, which means that multiple wins can be rewarded at once. In addition, the game also features a sugar meter that awards a variety of bonuses.

The Sweet Alchemy slot game was designed to be simple to play and is especially suitable for newcomers. It features a tutorial that will walk you through the gameplay and help you understand the different features. Since the game is very different from the usual slot machine, you will be glad that you took the time to play the tutorial.

Sweet Alchemy slot machine is a multi-line game, with up to 38 symbols. There are also three levels of game play. The first level activates the ‘Elixir of Power Bonus’, while the second level improves the awarding feature. As you win, you can collect elixirs to increase your winnings. If you get three identical elixirs on an adjacent reel, your winnings will multiply by up to ten times. You can also earn jackpots that advance you along the trail map. These jackpots award 15% of your total base game wins.

Another way to get started with Sweet Alchemy is by playing the free version. This version of the slot is full of fun and excitement. The free version of this game is available online at a wide range of casinos. And since it’s free to try, you can play it as much as you like, anywhere, anytime. And the best part is that these casinos are trusted and safe for players.