Temple quest


Temple Quest infinity is the newest Big Time Gaming offering that provides players with an almost-limitless adventure in the mystical jungles of Latin America, near the ruined remains of an ancient temple located high up on a spectacular waterfall. The Big Time Gaming offerings features forty-one fixed paylines, which are earned by successfully completing one quest. Each of these taglines corresponds to a randomly chosen jungle level, providing endless replayability. Players also have access to sixteen slots, which must be collected by using coins purchased with real money or by playing certain cards that activate special features within the game. There are also three bonus rooms, which provide players with a chance to receive rare items.

The newest addition to the game, Temple Quest: Spinfinity, adds a new room feature that provides forty-four randomly selected temples in nine levels across three different terrain types. The Big Time Gaming website includes some very helpful hints, making it easy for newcomers to start off with all the right gears. A handy guide is provided, as well as helpful tips to maximize the fun and challenge of this exciting online game. The site also features a frequently asked questions section, where players can obtain answers to common queries.

Temple Quest: Spinfinity adds yet another twist by introducing a “drawing” system that lets players choose randomly selected temple icons that then become part of their drawing. These wild symbols have powers in the game, and they can be arranged in more than one type of slot. These symbols then help players earn extra credits that help them buy weapons, outfits, and other items used in the game. There are nine slots in total, and these are used by both male and female players to take on the roles of various archetypes within Temple Quest: Spinfinity.