Zeus 2

In my opinion, there are few slot games that have the longevity and popularity of Zeus 2. The reason for this is that the game has a strong underlying mechanics which makes it different from similar games from the past. For example, back in Zeus 1 (the most popular version), you would generally receive a small amount each time you pulled a lever and pulled the “A” chord in order to win something. But with Zeus 2, the jackpot is much larger because of the random number generators that make each pull of the levers randomly give you different results. Therefore, over the long run, someone will eventually hit on the jackpot – it just comes in different sizes and it can either be small or large depending on how lucky you are.

Another aspect of Zeus 2 that sets it apart from the other slot machines is the free slots which are scattered around the game board. While all the other slot machines in the game do not give you any free reels, the free slots in Zeus 2 are what make the game fun. The free reels are not associated with any particular jackpot but are instead scattered all over the board and require you to work your way through them in order to get to the jackpot – but the payout is quite nice when you do. In fact, some players like to call the free slots in Zeus 2 the “lottery slot machines” because you can literally spend as long as you want on these free reels without getting any payout for your efforts.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the design of a Zeus 2 than just the traditional “jackpot” payouts. One particular thing that I particularly like about this slot machine is the “progressive jackpot” which appears when all the free spins on the machine have reached their estimated maximum jackpot value – this is essentially a special bonus given to the player that starts the game with all the coins in the bank. If you keep winning on this machine, then you will eventually reach the top of the progressive jackpot and be eligible for a huge jackpot – this is my favorite part of a Zeus 2 and why it is one of my favorite casino slot machines overall. Be sure to try it out!